2020 Programme

23 January - Jan Messent and Olwyn Pearson are giving a talk on Inspiration for Sketch books. There will be an opportunity to look at a wide variety of sketch books to gather inspiration.

27 February - Deborah Wheeler giving an illustrated talk on the life and works of William Morris. Deborah has worked within the historic crafts sector since 1984, vial the local museum services and tutoring on craft subjects.

26 March - Caroline Bell giving a talk on Eco Dyeing. Textile artist Caroline Bell's work focuses on sustainability, often using locally sourced, second hand and up cycled fabrics. She is inspired by the natural world, snd where possible uses natural dyes, mordants and mark making materials.

23 April - Suzy Wright  giving a talk on Organic Forms of Stitch. She bases her work on the rural landscape, producing cotton drawings on a calico surface. Painting a variety of colours with a needle.

28 May - Cas Holmes - giving a talk on Sustainable Stitch. She works between the disciplines of painting, drawing and mixed media textiles using a variety of materials.

25 June - In house meeting 

23 July - Kate Findlay giving a talk Painting with Fabric. Kate works with appliqué and mixed media and is inspired by landscapes, wildlife and even the Hadron Collider.

August  - Summer outing - Winchester Cathedral for a Stiched and Woven Tour

24 September - Janet Knox giving a talk entitled The Celtic Thread being a celebration of early Celtic Life and Art within a fabric art book.

22 October - Ruth Smith giving a talk on the Story of Folded Secrets. This will describe the Monority Chinese Folk Art tradition of making folded booklets for storing embroidery, threads and patterns.

26 November - Helen Collins giving a talk entitled The Absence of Presence being and illustrated talk on her current work, the processes and her inspirations.

10 December - In House Christmas meeting.

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